United Global Shift Leadership Workshops take place over two consecutive 2-day sessions: Phase One and Phase Two. Typically Phase One and Phase Two are spaced several months apart.

A project (in any stage of development) is required to attend our workshops.

What do we mean by “project”?

A project is a positive change you want to create. Ultimately, it is change you want to see on a global scale.

Your project can be at any stage of development:

  • It can be a project already in action.
  • It can be in your workplace.
  • It can be work you do within an existing organization, non-profit, philanthropy, charity, or NGO.
  • It can be in your community.
  • It can be in governance.
  • It can be an idea you've thought about but have yet to take action on -- any stage will work!


United Global Shift methodology is based in our Conscious Full Spectrum Response model. This is action that is sourced from personal wisdom and core values, addressing systems issues and delivering sustainable results for people and the planet.

In other words, Conscious Full Spectrum Response enables you to simultaneously:

  • Empower yourself and those around you.
  • Shift the systems that have historically perpetuated chronic issues.
  • Solve problems and deliver concrete, measurable results.

The Conscious Full Spectrum Response model was designed by Dr. Monica Sharma. You can read more about it here: Personal To Planetary Transformation.

United Global Shift also utilizes personal growth and transformation methodologies as tools to impact issues on a global scale.

PHASE ONE: be the shifT

Discover your CAPACITY as a leader

  • Manifest your ability to be effective and produce results, without force, manipulation, burnout, or sacrificing core values and principles.
  • Activate your ability to empower others.

learn how to see and shift systems

  • Systems are “the way things are,” the underlying causes of the problems we want to solve.
  • During Phase One, you will be coached in identifying major leverage points to create systems alternatives.


  • Develop the ability to promote, advocate, enroll and engage others in your project.
  • Receive United Global Shift project design principles and create the space for your project to thrive.
  • Weekly coaching sessions

PHASE TWO: be a principled pattern-maker         

*(Phase One is the pre-requisite)

continue to transform the way you work

  • Deepen the way you design and implement so that what you have learned is inherent in the process of fulfilling your project.
  • Develop a set of operating principles that will shift the way you work, from “business as usual” to “business as transformational strategic results."
  • Cultivate flow and ease within your project.

build in sustainability

  • Create new leadership through your project, so that it will sustain over time.

deliver on your action plan and DESIGN FOR IMPACT

  • Generate momentum and track shifts while remaining on track to fulfilling your project.
  • You will experience a state change in your project and what is possible from it.