Josselyne Herman-Saccio leads programs around the world to cultivate and empower leadership and source sustainable results. She founded United Global Shift in 2008 inside of her commitment to educate leaders in producing systemic change -- shifting from fear and survival to possibility and peace. Josselyne began her career in entertainment in 1986 producing feature films, TV programming, and commercials, and has been nominated for multiple awards in filmmaking. For the past two decades, she has managed the careers of hundreds of actors, writers, directors and recording artists.  Additionally, having participated in transformative education programs for over 37 years, Josselyne leads programs for Landmark Worldwide, an international training and development company.  Josselyne has raised close to $20 million dollars for various non-profits. She is the founder of Co-op Cares New York, an organization dedicated to making it easy for New Yorkers to make a difference in their communities. She serves as the President of the Board of Directors for her Manhattan co-op, and is the President Emeritus of Sutton Area Community (SAC).  

Jessica Underwood-Varma’s journey with United Global Shift began when she volunteered to coordinate logistics for the very first workshop in New York City. In 2011, she became a workshop facilitator-coach and has led United Global Shift workshops in New York City, Trinidad and Tobago, and Canada. She also acts as Project Coordinator for United Global Shift’s NYC workshops. Jess is an Education Associate at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum in Manhattan, where she is responsible for designing and overseeing the Museum’s Costumed Interpretation programming. The Museum tells the stories of immigrants past and present in New York City. Jess’s work is dedicated to the following: a shift in tourism from a passive to an active, socially conscious activity; in education, a shift from the systems and patterns that shape society being visible only to a select few, to those systems and patterns being visible to all; and a shift in community, from an “us vs. them” to an “us and us” model, a thriving space that fosters responsible global citizenship. Jess is also an actress and singer. 


We are causing a united global shift in what is possible for humanity, focusing on the environment, entrepreneurship, health and education. A shift from survival and scarcity to possibility and peace.


We are causing a systemic shift, from well-being for a few, to physical, psychological, spiritual and ecological well-being for all.

Strategy #3

  • Work to manifest a quadruple bottom line culture (people + planet + profit + sourcing compassionate wisdom) in the business world.

Strategy #4

  • Create conversations in the media, in writing and image, that forward the shift from fear, survival and scarcity to possibility, partnership and peace.


Strategy #1

  • Shift current philanthropic practices from charity to universal partnership and conscious reciprocity.

Strategy #2

  • Empower a shift in language, from fear and resignation to possibility and compassion. By proactively supporting a new archetype of leadership, we empower people to draw from wisdom, compassion and empathy rather than simply "doing good".

Core Principles

Promoting human dignity. Working from interdependence. Practicing non-violence.

Valuing diversity. accountability.